Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm back. . .darn those passwords!

OK, so after a long-anticipated, or not, wait I'm finally back to the blogging world. It's all those passwords and internet connections one must remember that got me tripped up. I just couldn't figure out how to get into my blog.

So, Cambodia is still here in all its strange ways.

Get this, in the middle of the high tourist season, the main roads in town are being torn up and sewage dug up. This makes for one huge dusty stink causing many tourists to forego their late night stroll down the tuk-tuk filled lanes of Siem Reap.

I for one do not appreciate the continual visits to the bicycle fix-it shop every time I plow through an unexpected pot hole. They must think it's because I'm a "fat Barang", especially when they gesture and comment about my size and the reason for flat tires. I just laugh and smirk and ride away. Eat my dust!

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